Our Idea

Musical talents are everywhere, they just need the opportunity to emerge.These talents have often difficulties to find jobs, not because they are not good musicians, but because they do not know the right people and they do not have the right connections. And so it happens that musically talented musicians stay at home and don’t get invited to auditions. allows musicians to connect with employers and to show their musical talent through their own profile page.

With this website I wish to give a fair opportunity to all musicians and to let new talents emerge.

What Audition4All has to offer


  • Job Listings

    Sign up and let the musicians now about your next auditions and events.

  • Find Musicians

    Use our search tool to find the musicians that you need and create a succesful event

  • Company Dashboard

    Easy to use dashboard that allows you to manage your jobs, applications and plans.

  • Musicians' Profiles

    Watch the profiles, enjoy the video recordings and find new talented musicians.

  • Save Time

    Make a preselection and invite the right candidates to your next audition and to your next events.

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  • Free Subscription

    Join Audition4All for free and post your resume for free.

  • Visibility

    Let employers discover you! record a good quality video and bring your talent out of the practice room.

  • Job Listings

    Use our search tool and create more opportunities for your future.

  • New Opportunity

    Take this opportunity to practice your audition repertoire and make a good video recording.

  • Expanded Network

    Post your resume and let employers and collegues discover you.

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